network administration

From planning a network design for a new company to maintaining a current network infrastructure, SonetCove Technologies provides network administration services to companies throughout the Kentuckiana area. We work with customers to obtain and install equipment and then remain involved in the customer's network by peforming network maintenance throughout the life of the equipment. By performing network maintenance, we ensure that the services and applications that are necessary to perform day to day operations remain in working order and we are able to predict problems before they occur, not just react to failures.

We begin by performing a network audit to identify what you have and then are able to provide recommendations to improve your current setup or assist you in identifying areas that need improvement. During the network audit, we will verify that you have security measures in place such as the proper firewall/router settings and also that your data is secure and is being backed up on a routine basis. With the growing problem of viruses and malware and the newer ransomeware that is not always detected by virus solutions, it is imperetive that your data is being backed up and is recoverable in case of disaster. We install and maintain SonicWall firewalls or other small network routers, servers, workstations, notebooks, and other office equipment such as printers and scanners.

Once your network is operational, we perform routine maintenance and check all of the areas mentioned above and check operating system logs on your servers to ensure that no hardware or application based problems exist. We are Microsoft Certified and can provide installation and maintenance of servers and applications including Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and the latest server operating systems. We have experience with a variety of productivity and accounting applications such as the Sage product family and many customized applications tailored to specific industries such as Command Alkon for the concrete industry, Dexter Chaney Construction Accounting, and Applied Systems for insurance agencies.

We also offer remote support of systems using LogMeIn Resuce. We are able to connect to your workstations or servers and provide support, in some cases eliminating onsite support, as the user can work with us while we are in a support session and see the steps we are performing. This software is also beneficial when training users on a specific task and providing server maintenance after hours so as to not disrupt services during normal work hours.

SonetCove Technologies also provides installation and support of security systems based on GeoVision DVR cards for both indoor and outdoor solutions. Call us for a quote.