application development

Web application development is the creation of applications or programs that reside on a server and are accessible from the internet through your workstation or mobile device's web browser. SonetCove Technologies has worked with many companies to allow their employees to be more mobile, and in turn, more productive.

Examples of SCT designed applications include::

  • A time entry application which allow users to enter project hours on a daily or weekly basis. That data is then fed to a database that eliminates the need for duplicate entry in the HR department.
  • A project management system which follows quotes and orders through the entire process. The company now has the ability to track projects from the prebid phase, through to order entry, and then to use the data collected to perform sales forecasting and end of year productivity reports.
  • An online plan room, which allows a contractor to enter project information and share files with others based on logins and permissions which you assign and revoke on the fly. This allows you to allow access to the files electronically, especially for files that would be too large as email attachments.
  • A contact management application for an electrical contractor, which allows managers and sales staff to track interactions with their customers and make notes regarding the project or conversation and assign dates/times for followups.

If you have a Microsoft Access database that you would like to transform into a web application, give us a call. We can even sit down with you and listen to your current processes for data collection and offer recommendation on areas where we think a customized application would be beneficial to your business.

If any of these ideas can be tailored for your company, or you have ideas of your own, please contact us for more information..